Red Lion Pub Wiltshire

The pub dates back to 1802 but the building itself dates as far back as the 1600s. The pub is said to be haunted by Florie, whose husband was a soldier fighting in the Civil War. He returned to find his wife in bed with another man and gave the man a beating. The man […]

Green Park London

This parkland has seen a lot of history and much sadness in its time, but also holds happy memories for some. Elizabeth I was known to have strolled there when it was more like a meadow. In 1554 the Royalists fought Wyatts troops on the land and there have been reports of murders, robberies and […]

Lancaster Castle Lancashire

This is a grade 1 listed building and is the oldest working prison dating back to 1196. It was in the 18th century it began its conversion into the prison that we see today; 1788 with the Gaolers House, 1792 the females prison and 1794 the men’s prison. In 1877 the prison was taken over […]

Dartford Library Kent

The library was built in 1916 and originally was a Carnegie Library built using money donated by Scottish American Andrew Carnegie who was also responsible for over 2,500 libraries worldwide. After a local exhibition of Dartford artefacts proved to be successful it was decided to incorporate a museum into the building. The museum was opened […]


Joyce Vincent who died 3 years before anyone noticed

The Mysterious and Lonely Death of Joyce Vincent Skeletal remains lay on the sofa surrounded by a shopping bag and Christmas presents that had recently been wrapped. Both the heater and TV were on, and mail was piled up inside the door. Joyce Vincent had been dead in her studio apartment for three years before law […]
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