Penfound Manor Cornwall

The manor was originally a Saxon dwelling given by William the Conqueror to Robert Count of Mortain. It was occupied by the Penfound family from the 12th century. Kate Penfound had fallen in love with John Trebarfoot, but her family were against it. The couple decided to elope but were caught before having the chance […]

Landlady films balloon moving around her pub

A terrified landlady believes the ghost of a dead child has been playing with a balloon inside her pub. And she even managed to capture the eerie moment the balloon travels – just like in Stephen King’s IT – on camera. Gail Roberts was closing up at The Kings Mill in Wrexham, North Wales, on Saturday night […]

Greyfriars Cemetery Edinburgh

This cemetery has been reportedly haunted for many years. The horrid things that are known to have happened here are corpse dumping, headstone removal, bodysnatching and witchcraft. Inside this cemetery is the Covenanters Prison section, and is home of the Black Mausoleum where George McKenzie is entombed. It is said to be so haunted that […]

Aldwych Station London

Aldwych station was open in 1907. The line was originally part of the Piccadilly line. With being so close to many West End theatres, it gained the unofficial title of the Theatre Line. Aldwych station itself was built on the site of an old London theatre – the Royal Strand. During the Second World War […]


Photo could show the ghosts of the brothers

Terrified friends say they may have taken an image of the ghosts of two brothers who leapt to their deaths from one of the country’s most haunted castles. A group of six pals from Plymouth captured the bizarre photo during a trip to the Totnes landmark in the early hours of Saturday. And they were shocked after the snap […]
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