Peterborough Museum

The present building was built as a private home in 1816 but the cellars date back to the 16th century. A house on this site was owned by the Orme family from 1538. A local magistrate Thomas Cooke and his wife built what we see today. They lived there from 1816 to 1856 and he […]

Killiecrankie Pass Scotland

This was the site of the battle between the Jacobite Army led by Bonnie Dundee, and the Government Troops led by General Mackay on 27th July 1689. The Scottish were victorious though Bonnie died during the battle. One soldier is said to have leapt 18 foot across a gorge to escape, in his honour it […]

Petty France Gloucestershire

A large white grand building that was constructed in the 18th century. During the reign of Henry VIII it was thought to have been a Huguenot Settlement and during the Napoleonic wars French prisoners of war were kept here. Other well known people that have been associated with the house are the diarist Parson Woodbridge […]

The Busby Stoop Inn North Yorkshire

The inn is said to be haunted by Thomas Busby, which is how it got its name, who owned the pub in the 18th century. He was hanged from a gibbet opposite the inn for murdering his father in law while in a drunken stupor. It was said of a chair that was once in […]


Teenager exploring Tintern Abbey sees ghostly figure of monk

Rosie Boulton, 19, did not find anything unusual while exploring the Welsh abbey – and only spotted the ghostly figure on photographs when she returned home A ghostly sighting of a ‘monk’ has been caught on a teenager’s camera while she was exploring a Welsh abbey at night. Urban explorer Rosie Boulton, 19, had seen ghostly orbs […]
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