The Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire

The inn is thought to have been built around 1145 and is the oldest building in Wooten under Edge. Before becoming an inn it used to be a priest house for the local church. Also highway men were known to have used the inn, not only for a drink but for somewhere to hide. The […]

Littledean Hall Gloucestershire

This is thought to be the oldest inhabited house in England. It has Celtic and Saxon remains in the cellar which date to pre 11th century, and believed to come from the 5th or 6th century. Two officers were known to have been put to the sword in the dining room when during the civil […]

Whitmore Hall Newcastle under Lyme

The hall is now Grade I listed and has been designated as a house of outstanding architectural and historical interest. It was built in the 16th century and has been in the same family seat of the Cavanagh-Mainwairings for over 900 years. It has portraits of the family which date from 1624 to the present […]

Towneley Hall Burnley

The hall had always belonged to the Towneley family, who were an important catholic family; it also had its own chapel. They owned it for over 500 years until 1902 when they sold it to Burnley Corporation due to the male line of the family being in decline. Today it is a museum which holds […]


Student claims she captured the ghost of a caretaker stalking an abandoned mental asylum

A horrified student claims she captured the ghost of a caretaker stalking an abandoned mental asylum after dark. Kyla Peberdy was exploring Denbigh Asylum, in Wales, with three friends when she came across a spooky derelict corridor. Despite hearing banging, talking and experiencing cold shivers, it wasn’t until Kyla looked back at the photographs, taken on December […]
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