Beaumaris Gaol Anglesey

The gaol was built in 1829 by Joseph Hansom. It was expanded in 1867 when an act was passed that stated the number of cells needed for solitary confinement. The gaol was a place of hard labour, torture and death. It had a tread wheel which supplied the goal with water but it was also used for hard labour, a whipping room with a whipping post and punishment room, these can still be seen today. There were two executions at the gaol, Willia Griffith for the attempted murder of his wife and Richard Rowlands for the murder of his father in law, both men were hanged. After it closed in 1878 it became a police station until the 1950’s. It opened as a museum in 1974.

The phenomena that have been reported here include loud noises, the pulling of hair, stones being thrown, shadowy figures and the sound of keys rattling.

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