Belgrave Hall Museum Leicester

Edmond Craddock, a hosiery merchant, built the hall between 1709 and 1713. He died soon after the hall was finished. Over the years the hall would have a few different owners. The next family was the Simons but very little are known about them. Between 1767 and 1844 the Vanns lived there, they also ran a successful hosiery business. They were a kind family and would give generously to different charities. In 1845 it was sold on again to John Ellis and along with his family was also known for their good work in the community. It was their family home until 1923. Ellis was responsible for bringing the railway to Leicester in 1833. It is now a museum which shows the difference in lives between domestic servants and an upper middleclass family.

The hall is known to be a haunted place and news hit the media in 1999, when an alleged ghost was captured on a security camera. (This has still yet to be proven) Other ghosts that have also been reported are a Victorian lady, a ghost thought to be Charlotte Ellis and a ‘green lady’. Besides theses ghosts there is often a smell of something cooking, freshly baked bread or stewed fruit. Even though there is no cooking at the hall.

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