Belton House Lincolnshire

The land has been owned by the Brownlow and Cust family since the 16th century. The present house was built between 1685 and 1688 by Sir John Brownlow and his wife. Despite their wealth they decided to build a modest country house instead of a grand palace. Yet inside their home it still had all of the latest innovations.  Little really changed to the design of the house but the interior did over the different generations who lived there according to their taste and social standing. After World War I, like so many others, the family’s wealth began to dwindle. In 1984 they gave their house to the National Trust, who also with the help of National Heritage Fund brought most of the house contents and 1.317 acres of parkland, at the cost of 8 million pounds. They then opened it up to the public. To help support costs the house is used for many different things such as a restaurant, wedding venue and filming location.

Belton is said to be haunted by a few ghosts the most popular being a man dressed all in black in the Queens Bedroom, also noises that cannot be easily explained are heard.

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