Canterbury Cathedral Kent

The first Archbishop of Canterbury was St Augustine, who arrived in 597AD in Kent as a missionary to England sent by Pope Gregory the Great. He was given a church at Canterbury by the King Ethelbert whose wife was already a Christian. There have been many great national figures who were saints of Canterbury; some were Oda, Alphege and Thomas, the most famous being Thomas Beckett, whom was murdered at this cathedral in December 1170, on the orders of the then king Henry II. Over the years additions have been built and renovations carried out. The present archbishop is the Most Reverend Dr Rowan Williams who is the 104th in line of succession.

The cathedral has a few ghosts. Some are said to be Simon Sudbury who was murdered by Wat Tyler the head of the peasant revolt during 1381, he haunts the tower that bears his name. Nell Cook a servant haunts a passage way known as the Dark Entry, she found out her employer was having an affair so she murdered him and the lover, for her crime she was buried alive beneath the Dark Entry.

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