Craigievar Castle Aberdeenshire

The castle was completed by William Forbes from the already existing castle which was half built on the site next door to his family estate. He built it to show off his wealth and status. The castle is seven storeys high with turrets and an L shaped tower. Unusually it is a pinkish colour and it looks like something from a fairy tale. The first William Forbes died in 1627 and it was passed on to his son also named William Forbes, in turn his son Red Sir John owned the castle. In 1963 the castle was sold to a consortium of benefactors and was then given to the National Trust of Scotland.

The castle is said to be very haunted with most of the things seen and heard being in the Blue Room, a fiddler who drowned in the castle well is said to appear but only to people with the name Forbes and things move of their own accord.

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