Hall I Th Wood Bolton

This a Tudor manor house and has always been a family dwelling. The right side of the house, which is the original part, was built in 1483 by Lawrence Brownlow and is a black and white half timbered structure. The left is stone and was built in 1648 by its then owner Alexander Norris. Samuel Crompton once lived here and he invented the spinning mule here. Since the passing of Crompton it has largely been preserved as a museum to remember him by, mainly thanks to Lord Leverhulme who bought the house in 1899 and presented to the Borough of Bolton. He continued to buy furnishings for the house right up until his death in 1925. The house is still a museum and holds pieces which were personal to Compton, as well as other items from the era.

A few ghosts have been witnessed here including a woman and a man on the stairs, also rushing footsteps can sometimes be heard.

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