Lancaster Castle Lancashire

This is a grade 1 listed building and is the oldest working prison dating back to 1196. It was in the 18th century it began its conversion into the prison that we see today; 1788 with the Gaolers House, 1792 the females prison and 1794 the men’s prison. In 1877 the prison was taken over by the home office and in 1916 it was temporarily closed until 1954 as a convict prison and was used for German prisoners of war.

From 1800 untill 1865 executions were carried out here at the part of the tower known as ‘the hanging corner’; these could be seen by the public. In 1868 the law changed and executions could only be done in private, which were carried out in the chapel yard. In around 1900 a shed was erected for this purpose. The last person to be hanged here was Thomas Rawcliffe in 1910 for the murder of his wife. Parts of Lancaster Castle are still a court and a prison, a category C training prison, while the rest is open to the public.

Lancaster Castle is said to be haunted some of those seen are of a young child, a haggard old women, a middle aged women and a monk.

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