Leopard Inn Stoke on Trent

This public house has been open since at least 1765. It has had many different owners and began its decline in the 1800’s until new owner Mary took over. It was then sold on again in 1872 to James Norris. In 1878 he extended the pub to include a hotel. He also built a bottling plant and a small brewery opposite. Theses have since been demolished.  It continued to pass on to different owners. The hotel part ceased operation in 1956 and was sealed off. This left just the bar open. In 1965 new owners Bass Breweries re opened the restaurant. In 2007 the landlord re opened the hotel rooms with plans to restore them. The public house is a listed building and has an important part in history as it was where Josiah Wedgwood and James Brindley met in 1765 to talk about the building of the Trent and Mersey Canal, which was important to the development of the Industrial Revolution.

The pub/ hotel has played host to a few unsavoury characters in the past and it is believed that some of these and a few other ghosts continue to visit the place, including Molly Leigh who was the supposed witch of Burslem. Murders have taken place here and people have reported having strong feelings of being pushed and held by their throats. Unexplained noises have been heard and glasses have been thrown.

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