Pleasley Vale Mills Nottinghamshire

Originally called Coates Viyella Factory, the cotton mills were built alongside the River Meden at Pleasely Forge in 1784. It was opened in 1799. Due to the population of Pleasely being small, children were employed to work there. In its earlier years under the ownership of William Hollins the employment was said to be dire and that there was cruelty and mistreatment. It stopped operating as a mill in 1987. Today the building is used for a number of small businesses.

There are many stories about the mill and it’s haunting. Some are a male ghost in the Dye Room and a female ghost. There are also other restless souls that may have been murdered there. The most popular ghost is that of a man who wanders around outside the mill, it is said he is so solid and real looking that people have spoken to him and complained that he does not talk back.

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