Bala Bay Inn Ontario

The Bala Bay Inn as it is now called was built in 1910 by E B Sutton. It opened in the same year and was then called The Swastika Hotel. E B Sutton was born in Yorkshire England and immigrated to Canada in 1882. He died in 1917 in one of the hotel rooms. It was renamed Bala Bay In sometime around 1942. It still remains open as a hotel today.

The hotel is known to be haunted and even though strange things have been reported from different parts of the hotel, a lot of the activity happens on the third floor. Some things that people have witnessed are a shadowy figure that seems to be a man, a ghost of a lady in the lounge, televisions turning off and on by themselves, doorknobs are rattled, footsteps are heard and Sutton is said to have been seen if you look up at one of the upper windows.

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