Charleville Castle Tullamore

Castle construction began in 1779 and took 14 years to complete. It is said to be built over an ancient druid burial site where people were buried alive. The castle has turrets, spires and a grotto and has fifty five rooms in all. It is also suggested that the man who built the castle was a devil worshipper. The original owners were the Moore family, but due to a direct line of male heirs in 1764 it was inherited by 6 month old Charles William Bury who was a grand nephew of the last earl. Again, due to lack of heirs, in 1885 it was passed to Lady Emily a niece, who due to marriage was a Howard- Bury. On her death it passed in 1931 to her son, and upon his death in 1963 it became uninhabitable and the roof was purposely damaged so the authorities could deem it as a ruin. In the 1980s restoration was started on the castle and a charitable fund has been set up.

The castle is haunted and many different noises have been heard like voices and footsteps, a chair is seen to rock and a clock is heard chiming even though there is no clock. At the turn of the 20th century a young girl fell to her death from the staircase banister and it is believed she still haunts the staircase.

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