A fairy is supernatural being with supernatural powers who can be good or bad, they can cast spells, fly and are able to tell the future and they are human like in appearance, modern day fairies are thought of as being small, mainly with wings (similar to those of butterflies) and are often young, but this did not come about till the 1800s before this they were describe as tall angelic beings. Some examples of types of fairies are Banshees who wail to warn others of a forthcoming death and will o the wisps who mislead people who are on their travels.

Fairies go back to ancient times to the nymphs of Greece and Homer the jinni of Arabic mythology and they mean different things to different cultures E.g. in some people believe they are angels that have been cast out of heaven and in Wales it is believed that are a individual race of beings and live in their own world, other cultures think that they are the souls of they dead that are not good enough for heaven yet not bad enough for hell.


The Cottingley Fairies

This is the most well known case of evidence that fairies did exist. Two cousins took two photographs of fairies in 1917; these appeared in The Strand magazine in 1920. They were given more photographic plates and they produced three more photographs. Some believed that this was the proof that fairies did exist. But the prints that are available today they do not look as convincing, they look flat and the lighting of the fairies does not match the rest of the photograph. It is thought that the originals were poor quality and that they were retouched and this is why they looked so convincing.

In 1978 it was found that the fairies were taken from a book by Arthur Stevenson called Princess Mary’s Gift Book. For most of their lives the cousins would not say much about the photographs, but in 1981 in an interview with Joe Cooper, they did confess that they were forgeries and that there were cut outs held up by drawing pins. However despite this one of the cousins maintained up until her death that fairies did exist and that the fifth photograph was real.

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