Jersey Devil

This creature is said to originate from Pine Barrens, South Jersey. The legend goes that a Mrs Leeds in 1735 gave birth to her thirteenth child, and was so upset that as she gave birth she shouted that she was tired of children and that the devil should take this one away. The description of what she gave birth too varies greatly, some say it was a normal looking child, but Mrs Leeds kept it locked in the cellar, with the child finally escaping into the woods. Some say it was a deformed child, and a more extreme version is that it had wings and hooves. While another version was that Mrs Leeds had a curse put on her from having the baby from an affair with a soldier. There were a few sightings of the devil in the 1800’s and it was blamed for the slaughters of livestock, then in 1909 during a week long period there were a huge amount of sightings bringing hysteria to the area. After this the sightings became less but they did not stop. The Jersey Devil continues to remain an interest for many people and there have been films made about it, also it has inspired the name for the ice hockey team The New Jersey Devils.


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