Scrying is where something is used most often a reflective surface or something translucent to help perceive some psychic abilities.

Crystallomancy – when scrying is used with polished suffices, crystals or any other form of transparent body

Hydromancy – when scrying is used with water or another liquid

The scryer (the person who is doing the scrying) puts him/herself in a deep trance like state using the object they have chosen as a focus for their attention. They will then begin to see images or hear things in their own mind. Which relate to a person or event from someone who is trying to communicate? Sometimes what they see is very clear like a film, other times what they see is more abstract and as to be worked out. The different pictures and different colours they see mean different things.

Scrying comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘desry, which is taken to mean ‘reveal’. It is an ancient form of divination and is one of the earliest forms recorded in history, which was first used in China in 3000bc. Over the years different kinds of people have used a variety of different things for scrying eg Druids practiced cloud scrying and gypsies are known for using crystal balls. The most famous person known for scrying was Nostradamus, it was said he used a black mirror or a bowl filled with ink for his predictions.


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