The Rollright Stones Oxfordshire

These comprise of a perfect stone circle known as The Kings Men which at this time as about 77 stones made of oolitic limestone, a prominent outer stone which is across the road and in a different county from the other stones (in Warwickshire) known as The King Stone and megalithic tomb known as The Whispering Knights, which consists of 5 smaller stones which lean in towards each other.


One of the folklores about the stones is that they were once real people and there is a small rhyme which tells what happens when a king was marching over the hill when they met a witch.


Seven long strides shalt thou take

If Long Compton thou canst see

King of England thou shalt be


Stick, stock, stone

As King of England I shall be known

But after he took seven strides The Arch-druids Barrow a mound at the top of the hill blocked his view of Long Compton.


As Long Compton thou canst not see

King of England thou shalt not be

Rise up stick and stand still stone

For King of England thou shalt be none

Thou and thy men hoar stones shall be

And myself an Eldern tree


The king as his men where then turned into stone where they still stand today. Sometimes the spell can be broken when at midnight they will come back to life and will dance around in a circle.


Others are that it used to be where people gathered on Midsummer’s Eve. The Elder tree (the witch) was cut and the sap (her blood) would drip on the The Kings Stone and it would cause it to move. It is thought to bring bad luck to anyone who tries to move or causes damage to the stones. (Please do not do this as you would be vandalising an historic monument)


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