There are many origins, descriptions and powers of vampires and they existence is said to go back centuries. One of the most popular is that they are the dead but continue to be amongst the living, they have fangs, drink blood in order to stay alive, they fear death, dislike sunlight, they are able to shape shift, they sleep during the day usually in a coffin and they strive for immortality. This has been more enforced because of the way that they have been perceived in books and films. There are supposing different reasons and ways to become a vampire for e.g. receiving a curse, a pregnant woman being stared at by a vampire, committing suicide, leading an immoral life (like being a prostitute) and the most popular being bitten by a vampire.

Ways of trying to prevent a vampire coming near you is to place garlic around all entrances and windows of the property you are in and also by putting some around your neck, sprinkling holy water around and the constant ringing of bells is meant to keep them away. The most well known way to kill a vampire is to stab them with a wooden stake through the heart. It is really up to the individual to decide whether you think they really exist or not. But even today people still say that they are vampires.

Modern vampires

They are not as limited as vampires were in the older days such as now garlic would not offer you any protection; they are able to walk about during the day, and are thought to be another species of humans and not the undead. They still have the desire for drinking blood even though they are more likely to absorb energy or life force from other humans

Vlad III

Vlad Dracul III (also known as Vlad Tepes). He was the prince of Wallachia (a province of Romania) in the fifteenth century. Dracul was born in Sishisoara a city in Transylvania in 1431. He tried to seize the throne after the assassination of his father. In all he gained the throne three times in 1448 for 2 months, in 1456 for 6 years and in 1476, each time he had to fight for the throne as there were opposition from others, he was eventually killed in battle in the December of 1476. Dracul was a ruthless, evil leader and he was known as Vlad the impaler, as his preferred way of killing people was to impale them normally with an oiled stake that went up through the victim’s bottom till it came through their mouth, and he sometimes would leave the rotting corpse for months. He would not only do one corpse but at times would have thousands impaled for e.g. in 1460 ten thousand were impaled in Sibu a Transylvanian city where he once lived himself. Other methods that were used were putting nails in peoples head, burning, mutilation of sexual organs (normally women’s) and boiling people alive. It is often wondered his reason for doing this but some thoughts are that he was trying to enforce his own morals onto his country, for revenge, solidify his powers, or even some king of perverse pleasure.

Bram Stokers Dracula

Vlad the Impaler was the character model for Dracula as he was the historical figure most associated with the legend of the Vampires.

The author of the book Abraham Stoker was born near Dublin in 1847. He was an avid reader and was very interested in the vampire legend. Another strong interest he had was in the occult and he was a member of Order of the Dawn. This led to a meeting with a professor from the University of Budapest, Arminius Vamberry, who told Stoker about Vlad. Which inspired him to write his book. The book was published in 1897 and immediately become popular; the first play was done in the same year. The international recognition of Count Dracula was not until the 20th century when there were many film versions about the story.

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