Ghost hunter claims he filmed footage of the last man hanged in Cornwall Bodmin Jail

It was inside Britain’s most haunted prison.

The eerie apparition was caught on camera by Tony Ferguson at Bodmin Jail .

He decided to visit the notorious Cornish prison, along with his wife Bev, as it is the site where some of the country’s worst criminals were executed.

After making sure they were the only visitors in the famous attraction, the couple say they captured many supernatural incidents.

These included faintvoices, strange electronic voice phenomena and light orbs flying around the rooms.

Bodmin Jail is said to be most haunted prison in Britain
Tony saw what he believes is an apparition int he corridor 

The 32-year-old believes the ‘apparition’ caught might be that of William Hampton, the last man to be hanged in the county as he called his name a few seconds before the apparition appeared.

Tony said: “We had scratches, banging, EVPs, strange noises, shadows, mists, strong orbs and best of all a ghost.

“Bodmin [Jail] have verified this, also have they have seen this ghost and were shocked at some of the captures”.

Staff at Bodmin Jail have also said they have seen the ghost 

“Now that’s saying something as that is the most haunted jail in the UK and has had some of the craziest stuff happen.”

William Hampton, from St Erth, was convicted of murder at Bodmin court on June 24, 1909 and was sentenced to death.

A month earlier, the 24-year-old strangled his girlfriend Emily Tredea, 16, at Vicarage Row in the village.

According to website British Executions, the man met the teenager in Cornwall after working several years in America.

Tony says the lights went completely white before the ghost appeared 
The ghost is circled in this picture 

They got engaged in 1908 but, a few months later, after Emily is thought to have said she would not stay with William anymore, he killed her in her family house.The murderer gave himself up to the police after running away from the scene. He was executed on July 20, 1909 and became Cornwall’s last person to be hanged.In all, between 1735 when the jail opened and 1909, 60 people, including eight women, were executed in Bodmin Jail. It fully shut in the early 20th century and the buildings were sold in 1929.

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