Ray Jorden Celebrity TV Ghost Hunter and Presenter

Ray Jorden Celebrity Ghost Hunter Presenter and More

Ray Jorden

Celebrity TV Ghost Hunter and Presenter

Written By Craig HDUK

A big Thank You to Ray Jorden, a true gentleman and always there for a close up and personal chat. He has kindly answered some questions I put to him in regards to answering “Who is the Real Ray Jorden?” what we know so far is he is a celebrity Ghost Hunter from the show Haunting Australia and also a popular presenter (Stage and TV).  He is also patron of a great Charity – BULLIESOUT –­­­­­­­­  however who is the man behind the scenes?

Here are some of the events that Ray has Presented/Hosted.

  • T1 on the Farm Music Festival 2017
  • Cardiff Pride 2017
  • Bullies Out Youth Awards 2017
  • Midnight Walk Charity Event 2016
  • Passion for Fashion Charity Event.
  • Paranormal Activity True Digital Fund Raiser.
  • Buried Alive The Exhumation Live, Dudley Castle.
  • The V’Oscar Awards, Mullingar, Ireland.
  • Carry on Screaming in Bed Live show, Ireland.
  • InExtremis Live Event at Oxford Castle
  • GoreZone Magazine Film Awards 2010.
  • Famous and Frightened Celebrity Charity Events.
  • Vodafone UK, Christmas Roadshow.

You are a patron of a fantastic anti bullying charity (Bullies Out) is this something close to your heart and is there a personal connection?

I am indeed one of the patrons alongside people like Nigel Owens MBE, of the truly fantastic charity called Bullies Out which is based in Cardiff. When I first came across BulliesOut on Twitter I immediately wanted to find out more and after reading all about the charity and amazing work they did, it really struck a chord with me as I was badly bullied at school. After talking on the phone to CEO Linda James MBE, the founder of the charity, I just had to get involved and pledge my long term support.

If my experience of being bullied can help and give hope to people, to let them know that there are people out there such as Bullies Out who care, understand and will try to help, that is why I will support such a worthy cause. Knowing something I have said can make a difference alongside the work of Bullies Out is such a personal reward it is hard to put in to words.

I look forward to working with Linda and the team for many years to come www.bulliesout.com

You have done your fair share of Ghost hunting and Investigations. What is your best location and what happened to make it top of your list?

I often get this question asked and I am afraid for me it’s the same old answer all the time, each location I have ever been to have been special in their own way, each with a different story to tell which always reels me in, and each with various paranormal occurrences which although amazing to hear about peoples experiences, I always like to go in with a blank mind, fresh eyes with no expectations at all, so all locations are very special to me.

What would be your dream location to investigate?

I have a couple that I would like to investigate one day, firstly being the older but still in use movie studios in Hollywood, I mean just imagine the history and the legends that have walked through their doors, this would be an amazing dream come true being a real fan of Hollywood, old movies and the ghostly stories attached to some places!!

What/Who got you into the paranormal?

I was about 5 years old when I had my first ghostly experience, when I was playing in my grandads garden with my sisters and cousins, and we were all playing hide and seek, so it was my turn to be up the top of the garden by the back door, close my eyes and count (not very well may I add) so as I was just going to see if I could find them, I just so happen to look at the kitchen window and there was my grandmother standing there looking at me with a serene smile on her face, so I look away and looked back and she was gone. The thing was she had died a few month previously and although I knew being so young that we went to the sky and go to heaven, I didn’t really have a greater understanding of what death was.

This lead me to read books in secret as I did not want anyone else to know in case they thought I was weird or something and locked me away, and then years later I Lost my two best friends three months apart through suicide. This seemed to escalate my interest further about life after death as I personally do not believe we just cease to exist; I believe we go somewhere…. I like to think we all have that one special memory that means so much to us all and was a happy time; this is where I believe we go…… my journey continues.

What were your best/worst subjects in school?

OK, let’s start with the best, drama was the best subject for me as I felt I could be free and be the person I wanted to be and escape, I was a great form of expression too. My worst subject was like many math, I really disliked it very much and I have no fond memories of those classes at all and not one I would ever like to revisit either.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I like to spend time at home with my three year old French Bulldog “Hugo”, we spend a lot of time together, I love to read and research in to new projects, I do not watch much TV but I do have things I like to see on Netflix, I love cooking, travel, music and theatre, cinema, shopping trips, weekends away and just trying to enjoy life in ways that I am making some special memories.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has ever done for you?

I actually do not think anyone has ever done something really weird for me, although I have come across much weirdness in my time that’s for sure!!

Who is your celebrity crush?

No comment!!!!

Are you single?

Single but dating a special guy!!

How would someone get your special attention?

Just be themselves as there is nothing worse than seeing someone trying to make such an effort with such falseness. Plus guys would have to be nice dressers also, nice smile and smell nice too with a genuine personality and humour.

Longest Relationship

18 years!

What is it like being a Celebrity Presenter, Live Stage Host etc?

I have to say that from a very early age I was always the performer and always enjoyed being in school plays etc and I always said that I want to be on stage in front of a large crowd!! So last year I was one of the hosts on the main stage at Cardiff Pride 2017 hosting to an audience of around twenty thousand people or more, although I get a little nervous before hand, as soon as I step out on to the stage the they disappear very quickly and it is one of the best feelings ever, feeling such warm from the crowds, I really enjoy live presenting work and I will be doing much more throughout this year as well.

What is your favourite movie?

Whatever happened to baby Jane?

What is your favourite book?

Before I say goodbye, by Ruth Picardie

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

My biggest fear is probably like many others out there in the world terminal illness

What has been your best/worst date?

Ha Ha…. Best date would have to be romantic drinks, lots of laughter and smiles, dinner and then great conversation while I stuff my face with dessert. I believe in instant connection and that in itself is powerful.

Would you date a fan?

That is a tough question in the sense that I would prefer that someone gets to know Ray, and not Ray from the telly if that makes sense? Working and having the opportunities on television is amazing and I am truly grateful, but that is just one side of who I am and my life. Away from that I lead a very normal life like everyone else which is the more important side of who I am that I would want someone to get to know first and foremost.


What would be your one super power? And what would you change your name to?

I think I would have a magic ring which could magic up anything I command!!!! And my super hero name would be “Ray of Light” I think I would be one of the good guys with a suppressed evil side.

What’s your one biggest pet peeve or what gets on your nerves the most?

Well there are actually few, apart from people with no manners, rudeness, I have to say my biggest is the amount of paranormal teams who desperately want to be on TV which is their clear underlined goal, it annoys the shit out of me and I am so so thankful that I started out so long ago that the paranormal world was such a different place, a nicer place to be involved in, so when TV came knocking it was the TV companies that made the approach, we never went looking for it.

My advice if you want to do TV and want to present your own shows, maybe the majority of them really need to go to get some presenter training that’s for sure. I mean look a my very good friends Sean and Bex who from their own show on Amazon Prime called Ghost Dimensions, they have done it in such an amazing way its great compelling TV and I think it won’t be too long before they go mainstream and become the top go to show to watch, please do check them out.

Everyone has their own goals they want to achieve and I respect that, but do not lose sight of the love for investigation and why we do it etc, TV is not the be all and end all.

What’s your one annoying habit?

I tend to over think things too much at times which ends up in me questioning more and more, sometimes making myself look like a right dick I have to say, I am getting better though.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I have to say LA is somewhere I adore being, but I also love Australia and warmer climates too

Who is your inspiration?

For me inspiration takes all kinds of shape not just in one person, I find inspiration in everything I try to do and achieve, I try and find it every day as nothing is ever out of reach, out of sight, everything is possible.

If you were (of the opposite sex) what would your name have been if you had the choice?

Oooh what a great question, someone very Hollywood like Sydney Bond or something like that.


What would be a good theme song for your life?

Donna Summer – Works hard for the money!!! (Or anything by the Spice Girls being a huge Spice fan)


Once again a big thank you Ray for taking time out to answer the questions. I look forward to seeing and reading about what you’re up-to next.

You can find out more about Ray by visiting his website.



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