The Montauk Project

Many people may have heard of the Philadelphia Experiment which supposedly took place in 1943 and involved the US military attempting to make the USS Eldridge invisible.  Not so many people may have heard of the Montauk Project, named aptly after the Radar installation where experimentation took place in Montauk, New York.

57 year old Al Bielek (or as he found out through memory regression Edward Cameron) watched the movie ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ the same way any other movie-goer would but realised during the movie that he had a connection with the subject matter.  Using new age therapies Edward was able to unlock hidden memories and realised that along with his brother Duncan Cameron he had been on board the USS Eldridge the day that the US military attempted through methods devised by Nickola Tesla to make it become invisible.

During the experiment the ship vanished into a wormhole. The Cameron brothers jumped from the USS Eldridge and travelled to the year 1983 arriving at Montauk’s Camp Hero.  According to Cameron the US Military sent the brothers back through the wormhole to destroy equipment on board the fated USS Eldridge which they managed to do.

Montauk Base

Whilst making a speech in 1990 Bielek explain how his memory had been wiped and he had been de-aged by the US military in order to cover up any knowledge of time travel and the USS Eldridge.

During experiments at Montauk, Bielek claimed that the consciousness of his brother Duncan was ported into the body of a young boy.  The young Duncan had incredible psychic powers and was used to gain Intel for the military.

Bielek managed to make contact with another gentleman named Preston Nichols who also claimed to have memories of being at Montauk with him and his brother Duncan.  Nichols talked of a piece of equipment called the Montauk Chair which was able to magnify psychic powers incredibly to the point where the young Duncan was able to manifest objects whilst sat in the chair.

Duncan was almost confined to the chair permanently with portals being successfully opened to Mars and other distant locations over several years of experimentation, the project being named ‘Looking Glass’.

Bielek claimed that those involved realised they needed to liberate the young Duncan from the Montauk Chair and one day they managed to convince Duncan to manifest a large creature to destroy the base (witnessed by many).  As the creature was rampaging the chair was destroyed, the creature de-materialised and the project shut down for good.  In 1984 the lower levels of the base were filled with cement.

Duncan's creature
The manifested creature
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