St Pancras Chambers London

This is a grade 1 listed building which fronts St Pancras Station. It was built in 1868 as The Midland Grand Hotel and took eight years to build. During its heyday it was one of the most opulent hotels in London but due to becoming outdated and too expensive to refurbish it was closed in 1935. It was then renamed St Pancras Chambers and used as railway offices. In the 1980s it failed to gain its fire certificate and was therefore closed and remained empty up until 2004 when plans were proposed to turn the building into accommodation.

At the time of building to make way for the hotel and goods depot over three thousand houses were demolished. During part of the construction it went through the burial ground of the church and a coffin was exposed; proper reburial was organized.

There have been a few ghost sightings at the hotel. Roman soldiers marching through the basement, a women who could not cope with being pregnant out of wedlock is said to have committed suicide by throwing herself down the stairs and is known to make her presence felt, and on a staff staircase that leads into room ten a ghost of a man is seen going up the stairs and when followed he runs away into room 10.

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