50 USA States 50 Haunted Places

An unexplained chill in the air, a whisper in an empty room, a flicker of movement in the corner of your eye: ghost-hunters and paranormal experts have dedicated their lives to tracking down evidence that there is a life beyond the one we live now, and, sometimes, spirits from another dimension infiltrate our world.

Even if you don’t really, truly believe ghosts exist, it’s easy to be spooked by creaky floorboards and flickering lamps when you’re all alone in the dead of night.

Eerie old buildings with chilling back stories are scattered across the country, just begging thrill-seekers to come explore. Travelers with an appetite for the spooky can go on a cross-country “ghost hunt,” or even just investigate the spirits nearby. After all, haunted hotels, mansions, prisons, and bone-chilling cemeteries can be found in every single state.

Read on for some of the spookiest lore from all over the country.

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