The Human Pendulum

The Human Pundulum is an activity commonly undertaken during paranormal investigation.  This activity involves asking spirits to gently push a person forwards or backwards to indicate a yes or no response to any question asked.  The process of performing a Human Pendulum is as follows:Ensure all those taking part are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and ensure that you are performing the activity in an open space with a level surface to stand on.

Pendulum Example 1

The activity begins with the group forming a circle and holding hands, sometimes if your beliefs are very specific or you are of a very spiritual nature then you may wish to perform a protection of sorts at this point but that is dependant on yourself.  The person running the session will then chose one of two methods to find a member of the circle to enter into it; one being a volunteer and two by asking spirits that may be around the circle to push the person they wish to act as the pendulum inwards.

Pendulum Example 2

Once you have a person in the middle of your circle and have ensured that the circle is once again closed (hands locked) then you are ready to begin.  First you need to establish a movement that will indicate a response of ‘yes’, this can be done by simply asking the spirits that would like to participate to gently push the person acting as the pendulum forwards or backwards.  When you have establish a movement for yes then you can repeat the process to establish a movement for no.  You may find that during the human pendulum exercise the circle becomes tighter and people move closer together, this is perfectly normal; you may also find that members of the circle move in the same direction as the pendulum and in some cases more so.  You should now take it in turns to ask yes or no questions to try and understand the spirit(s) you are communicating with.  Some people find it easier to ask the pendulum person to say “yes” or “no” as they feel themselves move, especially if you are conducting the experiment in the dark.

Good luck with your pendulum and stay safe in the dark.

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