The Village Skegness Footsteps in the old thatched cottage

The village Skegness footsteps in the old thatched cottage

Hi my name is Paul and I am a team member of haunted discoveries UK I have been into the paranormal for many years but only recently got into going to locations and investigating it’s been just over two years now and I have to say I’m pretty hooked and to work with an amazing team of people who I call friend’s and not just friends has in  friends that are more like family and so onto my story.

As I was investigating with my team member Brian Henshaw (Haunted Discoveries Team) we were recording in the thatched cottage in night vision.

The first floor of the thatched cottage you are unable to access due to a fire that they had a few years ago which left the floorboards on the first level unsafe to walk on so for safety reasons the museum decided it was safer to block off the staircase.

Inside the Thatched Cottage

We sat for about 20 to 30 minutes calling out;

When it finished we left thinking that we hadn’t caught nothing or heard anything.

But to our surprise I’m watching back the footage from the camera we had indeed picked up about a minute and a half in to our calling out session footsteps quite clearly on the first floor.

Previously before that I was sat on my own doing a loan vigil and I heard what I thought was a large deep grown coming from the kitchen area however I never caught anything on a VPN or camera.

“The village church museum in Skegness has been one of my most active places to date definitely a must for any paranormal investigator”.

Paul Richardson (Haunted Discoveries Team)

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