Tutbury Castle Staffordshire

The original castle dates back to 1071, it first belonged to Hugh de Avranches and then to Henry Lord of Ferriers. Following an argument between William Ferriers and King Henry II the castle was seized and ordered to be demolished. In 1362 further attacks on the castle were made by Prince Edward (future King Edward I). In 1265 Henry III gave it to his son Edmund. It has remained with the Earls and Dukes of Lancaster. John Gaunt the second Duke of Lancaster added towers, buildings and new walls in 1362. Mary Queen of Scots was kept imprisoned at the castle in the late 16th century. The ruins we see today were left by Parliamentary Forces during the Civil War.

Mary Queen of Scots is said to haunt the castle as well as a man in armour, a little boy, a small child and a French man.

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