Westminster Bridge London

The road and foot traffic bridge spans over the River Thames. The first stone bridge opened in 1750, a second bridge replaced it in 1854 which was built further up stream and it was this bridge that played a part in opening up the South London area to development. By the 19th century it was becoming expensive to maintain and it was subsiding. The third bridge which we see today was built in 1862 of wrought iron with a gothic design. The bridge is painted mainly green, the same colour as the seats in the House of Commons. Westminster Bridge is the starting and finishing point of the popular Bridges Handicap Race and is the subject of William Wordsworth sonnet composed Upon West Minster Bridge which was written in 1802. It has also been the location for many TV and film shots.

The bridge is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman, also a boat is seen going underneath the bridge with passengers on board, but never comes out the other side.


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