Woodchester Mansion Gloucestershire

The house originally on this site was called Spring Park built at the beginning of the 17th century. The estate was brought by William Leigh in 1845.

Woodchester Mansion, which stands incomplete, was the work of the architect Benjamin Bucknall and is of a medieval Gothic style. It is unsure when work on the mansion started, but the clock tower had been finished by 1858 and by 1866 the main building had a roof. William Leigh died in 1873 and his son of the same name (he was known locally as Squire Leigh) took over. Due to funding being scarce the only thing that was really done was the Drawing Room in 1894. Vincent Leigh (Squire Leigh’s son) lived in part of the mansion at the turn of the century, but his daughters Blanche and Beatrice lived at Scar Hill which was the lodge by the main gates. It remained with the Leigh family until 1938, when Blanche and Beatrice sold it to Barnwood Trust. They intended to turn it into a mental home but with World War II nothing was done and it was abandoned. Up until the 1950’s the mansion has a varied history including being used by American and Canadian Troops. Then Stroud District Council brought the property and emergency repairs were carried out. But heritage organisation did not take on the mansion fully because the costs were considered to vast.

A local group of people set up Woodchester Mansion Conservation Group in 1988; it became a charitable trust in 1989. In 1992 a new lease was signed by the now called Woodchester Mansion Trust. There aim is to preserve and repair the mansion which will be kept in its unfinished state. It is open to the public and is also a place where courses are run in architecture, stonemasonry and conservation.

Lots of ghosts have been witnessed included a dwarf, cat and dog. Also different noises and footsteps have been heard and things like pebbles have been thrown, and some people whilst on the property have reported feeling uneasy.


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