Ghost of young boy filmed under stairs

PARANORMAL experts have been left gobsmacked by CCTV footage that some claim appears to have captured the spirit of a young boy. An eerie video released on YouTube shows a white form moving about underneath a staircase.

According to the video shared on paranormal channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, a man decided to record the activity after spotting it on a surveillance camera at work.

He then uploaded the creepy encounter to his YouTube page entitled: “Ghost boy under the stairs.”

Paranormal enthusiasts who viewed the video were impressed.

One posted on YouTube: “Very compelling! Kind of hard to write it off as a bug or something in just how it moved!”

And another added: “Just goes to show that even though we don’t understand how or why, we are not alone!

“And once again, someway and somehow, the after life is here among us.”

However, sceptics were less convinced with claims it was just a video glitch or even a hoax altogether.

One posted:

“The fact that something we cannot immediately explain in a video does not mean it is proof of ghosts… that is a huge leap.”

It is said to have been filmed at 2am on March 17 in an undisclosed location.

There have been a host of alleged ghost videos caught released on YouTube in recent weeks and, including a phone being flung off its cradle in Britain’s most haunted pub.

Other people have also found supposed apparitions in Google Maps images across the globe.

There is no scientific proof of ghosts but, as one of the most popular paranormal beliefs, tens of thousands of people across the globe are convinced some of us live on after death and energies from these spirits can be captured on camera.

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