Enormous UFO stands next to the Calbuco volcano, Chile! Dec 6,2018

Enormous UFO stands next to the Calbuco volcano, Chile! Dec 6,2018
Witness statement as follows:
Video Credits:

Alexis Seron

Sirius B
Ufo passing by up in the top of the frame. Between 10-20 sec. A white object passing by from right to left without a trail. Later you can see a airplane crossing from the back to front with a trail.
I was just out to make a time-lapse of the sunset.


Gaetano Ferrigno
Ufo Pozzilli Isernia 24/10/2018

John Greene
Saw a big X made from jet contrails move across a blue sky today at Pathumthani, Thailand. December 6th 2018. (about 12.30pm).

Enalpekaf News
Showdown at the Fakeplane UFO Sky Corral

Luisito Canales Méndez
Ovni!! 100% real
Por la grabación no se distingue muy bien pero solo es cosa de que me crean que no es un dron ni un helicóptero

Вячеслав К.
Маленькая НЛО-шка (часть 2)

this was taken on the balcony of the hotel when I was traveling to Austria.

guille XGCRX
Ovni en lomas de zamora bs as 2018


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