TAPS, Ghost Hunters Manson Murders K2 DeBunk-FAKE!

Watch this too:

Jay holds the K2. The K2’s first replies are YES! As in YES it’s FAKE.
This was extremely difficult to catch but it IS the same shot of Jay’s hand when the K2 replies YES.
You see the K2 register YES as the camera then pans upward towards Jay as he looks over at Grant.
Fleming asks a 2nd question & the answer again is YES. It IS the same shot as the 1st except they ONLY show J’s hand. They do not show the camera panning upwards towards him. They couldn’t because you’d say, I JUST SAW THAT!
They instead edit the first YES, showcasing only J’s hand to make it appear to be a 2nd YES & cutting away before the camera pans upward as it did originally.
If this were real, they wouldn’t have to FAKE IT by editing the 1st response to make it appear TO BE A LEGITIMATE 2nd response.
The K2 is very easily manipulated. It is a magic disco wand that has as much credibility as Grant. NONE. If it worked as Chris Fleming says it does it would be a must at every funeral home.
Lastly for the believers who then say, the camera man probably didn’t record the 2nd yes so they just replayed the same shot to prove it. So, you mean they FAKED it? DUH!

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