Ghost Hunting TV Shows are BS (So We Made One)

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summary: This week on Pair of Normal Rogues, Brian and Jason investigate a haunted wizard tower built on sacred land. There’s something off about the caretakers of the tower, have these paranormal events driven them mad? … or are these accounts of the supernatural just a product of their madness?
air date: 2017.10.27
runtime: 0:48:00;20
video: 1920×1080, 23.976 fps, 12.00 Mbps
audio: AAC 320 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo
filesize: 5,523,898,405 bytes
Unedited footage for this episode:

Additional Information
Misc. Stock Shots #1
Labatts Beer Commercial
Abolene Cream Commercial
More Dangerous Than Dynamite
It Registers ad (where Jason chloroforms Brian)

American Journal of Ophthalmology – series 3 volume 4, 1921
Why Do Ouija Boards Work?

Why Backmasking Sounds Like The Devil

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Outtakes & BTS:
Music used in this episode:
“Cinematic Tension Drone Atmosphere ( Ambient Build )” by matt_gerry
“I See” by Cullah
“Boys’ Bop” by Birocratic
“Flourish” by Axian
“The Whut” by Bluntone
“Gold Nova” by baaskaT
“Sleepin” by Jhfly
This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood – host —
Jason Murphy – host / camera operator —
Brandt Hughes – camera operator / editor —
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer —
Daniel Whittington – as himself
Brad Whittington – as himself
Rex Williams – as himself
William Hughes – consultation

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