The San Diego Ghost Hunters-Whaley House Ghost Tour-Moaning-No-She's Here-August-21 2015

This EVP was captured on our most recent public ghost tour in the Whaley House Museum on August 21st 2015. Recently an anonymous donation of a Victorian Mourning Hair Wreath was donated to the Whaley House. From the time the framed hair wreath was hung in the store, a female spirit who is attached to the hair wreath has been roaming the Whaley House. When we have encountered her, she seems sad, confused and scared. During this divining rod session with Yankee Jim, in the store, we directed the tour guest to ask Yankee Jim if he could point the rods to where the cigar was sitting that we had set up on the counter top in the store. We captured an EVP of a woman moaning and when the tour guest asked if the cigar was, “over in the corner there”, the female spirit moans the answer, “Noooo”. You can also hear one of the tour guests say, “do you smell that”, in which she smelled a floral smell, when the moan was happening. You also hear a female spirit say, “she’s here”. Was this one of the Whaley women recognizing the new female spirit in the house? Awesome catch!

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