Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters know that Bobby Mackey's is a Haunted Bar

Beverage Underground went on-location to the legendary Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder Kentucky. Larry ‘Smokey’ Genta had the chance to meet the man who has successfully owned, operated and is the entertainer at one of the sole surviving ‘Country Music Honky Tonk’ Bars. Bobby Mackey is celebrating 33 years in business with the same theme, same format and the same look but through the years has been called haunted by locals, visitors and many of the most experience paranormal investigators.

Just minutes from Cincinnati on the Licking River, Bobby Mackey’s Music World has a jaded past that began when it was a slaughterhouse in the 1800’s and over the past several years has become a destination for Ghost Hunters and hobbyists from around the Globe. There’s a good chance you know all about it Bobby Mackey’s Bar, from the Travel Channel hit paranormal show Ghost Adventures, or maybe it was on My Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel. But it could be the attention that comes with appearing on The Most Terrifying Places in America ,or being called “one of the 10 most haunted places in America”. From The Discovery Channel to National Geographic and from USA Today to Jerry Springer the world has all but been assured that Bobby Mackey’s bar is haunted.

Meet Miss Wanda who runs the gift shop and along with Miss Crystal give tours nightly down to the basement to see the ‘Wall of Faces’ and to the mysterious well that has been called ‘Hell’s Gate’. Smokey decides to take a look for himself but not before offering Bobby Mackey and bartender Miss Donna a bottle of Fireball Whiskey. It’s the smooth blend of whisky and natural cinnamon that Smokey swears will keep the spirits away and will also add even more fun to the party bar that Bobby Mackey’s has been performing in for an amazing 33 years.

Beverage Underground raises a glass and thanks The entire staff of Bobby Mackey’s, as well as RJ Seifert, Gale Watson, Dawn Fries, David Anthony and ghost hunters everywhere

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