Real DEMONIC Attack | HAUNTED Graveyard | Extreme PARANORMAL Activity

This short vid is to show you the photos taken from the demonic attack on Mark as both he and Simon return to the hells gate graveyard. The full vid is coming soon.

The photos you see in this vid are 100% real. They were taken on Marks mobile phone within minuets of the attack happening. The full footage shows what we believe to be the holy grail of evidence we have been searching for.

Demonic attacks are very very rare. In over ten years of working on the paranormal field, Mark has seen many strange things, but never his own blood, drawn from him, on command by the demon Caim/Caym.

Please stay tuned as the full video will show you the full nights events leading upto this horrific attack on Mark that has left him scarred for life and haunted not only in his mind, but now in his body and soul.

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