Ghost Hunting in Michigan's First Prison (1838)

NOTE: The footage you are about to see is true to the nature of this video. There are some comedic aspects added to the video, but nothing is altered for what is said or seen in the video.

The first prison for the State of Michigan was built in 1838, located in Jackson. The enclosed area of the old prison was about 20 acres. I toured this Prison in October of 2011. As of today, it’s considered one of the most haunted places in the United States. After the prison was shut down in the mid 1930s, all the cells were taken out and the building was converted to an art studio and apartment complex.
Beneath the prison are a series of tunnels, where inmates were transported back and forth between the buildings. A few have caved in on the outside of the building, but the ones underneath it are still intact.
Residents of the apartment complex, in the areas where hundreds of inmates used to be housed, have reported some paranormal activity. One resident told us that ghosts have thrown boxes and other items across the room.

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