The Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt (18/04/18)

On the 18th April 2018, we hosted a public ghost hunting event at The Skirrid Inn. As always, we had great group of guests who immersed themselves fully into the event. This was our first event at this infamous venue, and our 20th ghost hunt over all!

With all of our videos, we aim to provide a good representation of what happens at all of our ghost hunting events. Showcasing all of the equipment we have and the investigation techniques that we use. We also want to show the evidence that we capture at our events! It is also a good opportunity for us to demonstrate the work that our mediums do!

The ghost hunting equipment that we use at all our events:
REM POD, K2’s, Mel-Meter, SB7 Spirit box, Ovilus V, Paranormal Puck 2, Boo Buddy, laser thermometers, pendulums, planchettes, audio recorders, nightvision/full spectrum video cameras, Kinect camera (stick figure camera), motion sensor devices. 4 locked off CCTV Cameras.

Some of the Equipment we use is available at:

At all of our events we capture up to 40 hours of footage, all of which we review and condense into our videos. This is something that we do in our free time. It is important to us as we want to give our guests a memorable experience.

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More ghost hunting events and information available at:

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